The Cure Campaign

The Cure Campaign is a collective of young adults focused on promoting youth advocacy grounded in cancer research and education, while also supporting and enacting policies that support federal and state cancer research funding. We host several initiatives, some of which include the 50in50 Program, Cancer Understood: A Baseline to Experiences and Data, and the legislative work of our policy team. Through our initiatives, we promote the use of grassroots organizing in terms of youth-led community service to enact micro, yet macro level changes on a national level. Overall, we aim to not only increase federal and state funding for cancer research, but also to inspire the next generation of change-makers to engage in youth-oriented activism and regional community organizing.


50in50 is a national, community-based initiative to get American kids active in their communities, working alongside The Cure Campaign team. The goal is to have one young adult from every state, fifty youth activists in all with a project based in their community…

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The Articles are a creative way for kids around the country elevate the stories of their relationships with cancer. We are always accepting contributions to this project, so feel free to submit your facts/articles to

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Our most recent research initiative is centered around making research data about cancer development, detection, and treatment both accessible and digestible to and for all audiences. Cancer is a disease that can affect anyone, but many remain in the dark when it comes to what cancer is, and how one can act proactively. Overall, there is a huge gap in knowledge between healthcare providers, medical scholars, and their respective patients. We hope this year’s research initiative Cancer Understood: A Baseline to Experiences & Data can serve as a foundational knowledge base to future research initiatives while highlighting the many and different ways people may experience cancer.

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