The Cure Campaign

The Cure is a nationwide campaign to pass Federal Legislation increasing the National Cancer Research Budget. As we speak, we are working to prevent the proposed NHI budget cuts from becoming a reality. Along the road to Congressional Approval, we are launching a series of initiatives to inspire youth advocacy Nationwide. As a staff of teenagers, we intend to not only change America,  but to make a difference in the lives of the 590,000 people and their families affected by cancer every year. Together, we will find The Cure.


50in50 is a national, community-based initiative to get American kids active in their communities, working alongside The Cure Campaign team. The goal is to have one young adult from every state, fifty youth activists in all with a project based in their community…

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The Articles are a creative way for kids around the country elevate the stories of their relationships with cancer. We are always accepting contributions to this project, so feel free to submit your facts/articles to

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Here at The Cure Research Team, we are jacks of all trades. We work with everyone! For the Can’t Cut The Cure petition, we gathered the names, websites, and numbers of the state senators and representatives on the Budget and Appropriations…

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