Where’s a Cure?

       My grandmother died of breast cancer when my mother was only 12 years old. This completely changed the way she grew up. Two brothers and a hardworking father, but no mother. Through her teens years, she had to learn from the boys around her, even while growing up as a girl. Through treatment, my mom took care of my grandmother. Walking her mom from room to room, helping her to use the bathroom, and constantly doing the most she could as a child acting as a parent.

Fast forward 20 years, she has me, a girl to raise. She takes her mothering role very seriously and keeps me on the right path no matter what she has to sacrifice to keep me there. When I turned 12, I remember her breaking down and I didn’t understand why. Her mother’s land in the south needed to be paid, but my mother was having financial problems at the time and couldn’t pay the bill. She was paranoid that the land would be sold. That land is something our family holds dear to their hearts and she broke down.

       She then explained to me that it wasn’t just the land but that I was 12 and, well, cancer runs in our family, so she was scared it might be her turn. While we were at a stop light, she looked at me and began to cry.

       My strong, independent, beautiful, and intelligent hard-working mother was now just facing some of the hardest times in her life through me. After 30 years at this time, she was still affected by everything that had happened when she was just my age.

       I can’t imagine life without my mother. I can’t imagine living the way my mother did at my age. Not only was my mother forced to inhabit selfless characteristics, but patient ones as well. While she was taking care of my grandmother, she asked herself every single day, “Where’s a cure?”.

       Cancer doesn’t just affect the people who face it daily, but also the generations that follow. The Cure Campaign is here to raise voice to a matter that can only be dealt with by people who truly care like my mother, my grandmother, as well as me and this hard-working team. Let’s raise voice to cancer so my mother nor anyone else in the world never needs to ask “Where’s a cure?” again.


– Danielle Williams, 15


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The Cure Campaign

A team of young people attempting to pass legislation allocating funds to increase the National Cancer Research Budget.

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